A few Questions to Ask a Guy

Questions To Ask A Guy

Whether you just met him or you've known him for years there are always tons of interesting and funny things for you to talk about with a guy. It might be a guy you like, a guy you're dating, or maybe just a guy friend. In any of those cases the trick is ask the right questions - questions that can spark a conversation or just make him blush, depending on your purpose! This list of questions to ask a guy will give you some ideas for questions that are fun, awkward, flirty, dirty, and more. We hope you enjoy, and we know you'll have some awesome conversations based on these questions!

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We hope you enjoy all of these questions and that they help you to have some great times! If there's a genre / list of questions to ask a guy you'd like to see and we don't have it, then tell us and we'll add it, get it started, and make it available for everyone to expand on it. It's really that easy! If you've got a good idea for a good question to ask a guy then go ahead and submit it! This site is all about fun, and the more ideas we can share the more fun it will be!

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Awkward Questions
Starting a conversation with a guy can be difficult to do at times, especially with the guys that don't put their lives out for everyone to see. With these guys, you might not know exactly what to say or what questions to ask to get their attention. That is where we come in with our set of awkward questions to ask. With a lot of these questions, you are looking at trying to get some sort of reaction out of the guy while also trying to learn a little about who they are and what they are all about.
Cute Questions
When it comes to trying to get to know a guy, asking cute questions doesn't sound like an ideal plan, especially for a Mr. Brawny-rugged type person, but it could be the best way to go. If you are asking a guy cute questions about their family life or when they were growing up, it might make the conversation easier to get rolling along later on. A cute question doesn't necessarily have to be about something that is traditionally cute, but could even be determined by the way you ask.
Deep Questions
One of the best ways to a guy's heart is to help them dig down deep into themselves by asking them a series of deep questions. These deep questions to ask a guy are meant to help you determine what kind of person you are getting involved with and to really find out what makes them tick. When you ask one of our deep questions, you need to make sure the atmosphere is right. You don't want to ask these questions in a group setting or at a bar because the man might retreat or change his demeanor.
Dirty Questions
Your best shot of getting to the wild side of a new mate or someone you are just getting to know is by asking them dirty questions. This doesn't mean that the first time you talk to them that you should ask them what their favorite position is, but it does mean you have free reigns to ask whatever dirty questions you desire. Most guys will determine that after you asked them any of these dirty questions to ask a guy that it should be alright for them to do the same, so instantly, your night just became that much better.
Either / Or - World You Rather
When you begin to ask questions like would you rather bang Sarah Jessica Parker or a horse, you never know what kind of response you'll get. That is why our collection of these would you rather questions is so important and interesting. You need to be able to ask the proper either/or questions or would you rather. The one thing you need to avoid doing is inserting yourself into those questions. If you just met a guy and are still getting to know them and you ask would rather have me or that redhead in the corner, you are setting yourself up for disaster.
Flirty Questions
Every guy loves a flirt. If you are dating, he won't like it so much when you are flirting with other men, but when you are just getting to know each other, flirty questions are a way of getting to know if your "fun" sides match. A lot of times, a guy will get asked a flirty question by a girl and instantly know that there is a connection. Guys want to be with a girl that is funny, light hearted and can have a good time, so by asking a flirty question like any in our system, you will show them that you can be what they want you to be.
For a Guy You Like
If you have talked to a guy a couple of times or went on a few dates together and you guys hadn't talked about where your relationship stands and if you want to pursue it further, these are the questions to look at. When you like a guy and are trying to get something great out of it, you can ask different questions that range from childhood memories to life goals. You can ask more direct questions about relationships and see if he may be feeling the same way.
Fun Questions
Fun questions are the blood line to any successful and long-lasting relationship. If you don't ask these fun questions that can make the conversation go from boring to exciting in no time, then you might be losing your chance at something good. Fun questions to ask a guy will not only be a yes or no type of response and they will keep the conversation moving along at a fun and exciting pace. When you are just getting to know a guy, there isn't much else you can ask for.
Funny Questions
A lot of people don't realize it, but there is a major difference between funny and fun questions. With funny questions, you again have the free reign to go wherever you think the conversation needs to go. If you know the guy is an old school "Three Stooges" fan, then ask him which character he most resembles physically and mentally and why. You can do the same with any modern-day television shows like "Family Guy" or "The Simpsons." When you ask those types of questions, you really never know where the answer you get is going to take the conversation next.
Good Questions
There are hundreds of questions to ask a guy that can be deemed good questions to ask. A lot of this depends entirely on how well you know the guy, how personal you want to make things and where you want the rest of your night to go. You can ask very basic questions about who would play them in a movie about their life, make things interesting by getting into their past sexual history or talk about different places they have had made out (or more) before. Depending on what stage of the relationship you are in will determine which type of questions are best for you.
Icebreakers are questions or games that are great for getting people to open up about themselves without making them feel uncomfortable or like they're being interrogated! When you're just meeting someone there's a period of time where you don't really know much about each other during which it can be difficult to think of something to say. Over the years we've compiled this set of questions that we've found to be the most fun and entertaining for both the questioner and the person being questioned. Remember, you should also be ready to answer the same to get the most value from your conversation. Have fun with these!
Interesting Questions
Interesting questions depend entirely on the personality of the person you ask asking. If the person is dry and sort of boring, anything may be considered interesting to them, but for most people, interesting has the same meaning. It means you are a bit different than the regular person and that is a great thing. The same can be said of interesting questions. When it comes to what not to ask a guy that might be interesting to some would be to avoid politics and religion. Just give those questions some time.
Personal Questions
Personal questions are important to the overall growth of a relationship between a man and woman. For some guys, personal questions are best to answer right away in the first or second date, but for those who have had their trust broken before, it may take some time. Personal questions are mostly about their lives (previous relationships, family life as a child, etc.) and you need to be sure that you aren't asking something to intimate if you had just met someone. This list will help you figure out the best questions to ask and when to ask them.
Plans and Wishes
Even though Plans and Wishes related questions it's one of best sections for relationships. Truth be told almost all of our questions are great for all types of relationships, whether online, via text, or face-to-face . We've created this category for a few reasons. One is to draw attention the fact that these specific questions are in fact relevant and useful for getting to know if that potential special someone is really a special someone. Another is because some questions are obviously a little less personal and therefore a little more appropriate for the first round of questions you might throw his way. Finally, the items that make it into this category will be able to be answered very quickly while also being fairly telling.
Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to Know Him
When you want to get to know a guy a little better, there a lot of different ways of doing so. One of the easiest ways to do this is to simply ask them questions that are intended to get information out of them. The only way a relationship can survive is by getting to know each other as well as you know yourself. There are some things you may want to hide, but to get a new relationship off the ground; you need to be willing to open up a little more than normal.
Weird Questions
There is a fine line between questions from the weird genre and the over the top genre. Some guys might like you playing with that line, but others may be scared off by this different line of questioning. To help make sure you know which side of the line you should be on, we've put together this list of the best weird questions to ask a guy. These questions, much like a lot of other types of questions should be chosen wisely depending on the type of guy it is and how well you know them. You don't want to ask something too weird too soon.

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